I first heard of Paprika (2006) about a decade ago, around the time Inception (2010) was released. Ever since, I had always just known the movie as this weird, bizarre, trippy anime on dreams that served as an inspiration for Inception. Only until a few months ago did I finally get the chance to watch it as I was exploring old Japanese animation movies with my brother (e.g., classics like Akira and Ghost in the Shell, older Ghibli movies like Nausicaa Valley of the Wind and Princess Mononoke).

I was hypnotized.

Just from the first 10 minutes of the movie…

Breathtaking scenes, beautifully-chilling soundtrack, thought-provoking dialogues, and engaging gameplay, I believe Yoko Taro has truly created the genuine article with his 2017-released video game: NieR Automata. Its masterful harmony of visuals, music, narrative, and gameplay creates this awe-inspiring atmosphere that evokes a sense of philosophical reflection, together with a feeling of artistic rapture.

General Theme and Premise Summary

What really is it that drives us to strive for wealth?

Whether as early as elementary school, in middle/high school, or even as late as college, most of us have at one point in our lives question the point of grades and test scores that are embedded in our academic system. What would getting good grades actually give me? Why should we as students even care about our grades at all? Wouldn’t it practically be the same whether you get a 10, 9, or 8 in a test score or report card as long as you still pass the exam…

An amateur’s passionate commentary on Kunihiko Ikuhara’s stroke of genius

warning: spoilers ahead!

Emotional, profound, and heartwarming, Mawaru Penguindrum is truly an anime that touches and penetrates deeply into my innermost feelings — I swear I would’ve cried if I weren’t watching it together with my younger brother. However, unlike those cheap tearjerkers which often only play with cliché tragedies combined with melancholic music, Mawaru Penguindrum evokes sentimental feelings in a genuine way, complementing its tragedies and heartwarming scenes with a sense of depth, seriousness, and mystery through its philosophical dialogues, symbolism, and other forms of metaphor. …


Pukul 02:00.

Ku menghela nafas dengan lelah, sembari memandangi tulisan shutdown pada layar jingga thinkpad-ku, mencoba menghitung sisa waktu tidur yang tersisa hingga harus bangun esok hari untuk kembali bekerja.

Ya. Mungkin cukup banyak dari kita yang pernah mengalami masa-masa seperti ini, dimana penat terasa tidak ada habisnya dan kitapun bertanya pada diri kita sendiri: untuk apa?

Namun, ditengah kontemplasi pada malam tersebut, suatu memori tiba-tiba teringat dalam benakku, bahwa pengalaman serupa juga pernah ku alami semasa bangku kuliah. Bedanya, pengalaman lampau tersebut memberikan rasa enigma yang lebih mendalam, sehingga sekonyong-konyong mengalihkan jalan pikiranku sesaat.


Jika suatu hari…

“Happiness is never the goal; it is a byproduct of living a meaningful life”

-Quote by Jordan Peterson (non-verbatim / paraphrased)

“Be happy, live in the present,” says the common man. But the common man often confuses hedonistic pleasures with happiness. They indulge in sensual delights, instantly gratifying their desires, thinking that they are wiser than the mules chasing their carrots. They drink, party, dance, have sex, larking around in this garden of materialistic ecstasy.

But keep on doing that for a few years, and anyone would find themselves in a state of emptiness. “What does this momentary pleasure mean…

How often is it that when adults reminisce with their friends about their high school years in a reunion, a question about what someone is doing now (their occupation) never fails to pop. How often is it that when you introduce your fiancé to family members, questions inquiring about how much he makes crosses everyone’s head. The identity of a person these days is commonly defined by what they do for a living, and their success is measured by either how much money they make or how prestigious their job position is. People spend most of their youthful years thinking…

Kristo Sugiarno

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